You may have noticed that it’s been quiet on this site for quite some time.  I’m not happy about that.  You may have also read this tidbit from our mission statement:

“To publicly document the creation process in order to assist others in creating additional parks.”

Documenting publicly isn’t hard to do when things are going well.  But it’s important to comply with the mission statement even when things aren’t going well.  And let’s face it, things aren’t always going to go well in a project this big.

So, without further ado….

Mostly, we’re waiting on red tape.  And mostly, I think that is my fault.  I have visions of bringing several political figures in the county “up to speed” on the Photography Park before I start trying to get the local residents excited about it.  Unfortunately, these are busy people and it’s taking too long.  I may have to take another path.  I assume if their constituents start asking questions about the Photography Park they might free up some space on their appointment calendars.

The other problem is waiting for the tax-deductible status of the 501(c)3 to come through.  I have no illusions about speeding up the Federal government but I can go around them.  Lack of money might slow progress but it doesn’t stop it.  Money gives you a lot of options but the lack of it doesn’t leave you “optionless”.  So, again, I blame myself for this and I intend to fix it.

In short, I intend to surmount whatever obstacles I encounter.  If one idea doesn’t work, I’ll find another.  If the way forward is blocked, I’ll find a way around it.  Even if it means retracing a few steps.  I still believe in this idea.  And I intend to make a Photography Park a reality. Stay tuned.

Don Brown
January 1, 2016

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