A Model Park

October 5, 2015By Don BrownCase Studies, News, The Photography Park No Comments

This summer, it was my good fortune to drive all the way from Georgia to Maine on vacation.  I was able to take my time and, along the way, I stopped in as many parks as my wife’s patience would allow.  When you’re thinking of building a park — especially a Photography Park — your … Read More

It’s Official

June 27, 2015By Don BrownNews, The Photography Park No Comments

It’s official — We’re official. The Photography Park is now an official non-profit corporation in the State of Georgia. That took a lot longer than I expected. And it’s just the first step of a lengthy process to become a 501(C)3 corporation, capable of soliciting funds that are tax deductible. We’ve been warned (in a … Read More

The Adventure Begins

December 11, 2014By Don BrownNews

Welcome to our blog. This is my first post, which means you have become a witness to what we hope will be a small but historical event — the creation of the world’s first large park designed for photographers.  It is a deceptively simple idea that we believe has enormous potential. Before I explain that … Read More

Our Equipment

December 11, 2014By Don BrownEquipment

I’m been exploring many of the Georgia’s State Parks to see what it’s like to photograph existing parks. I look at it as a “Do’s & Don’ts” sort of thing. It’s just an extra bonus that I get to take pictures in some really nice places. My colleague, Sam, suggested the idea for this blog … Read More