The Photography Park is

The World's First Park Dedicated to Photography


To effect the creation of the world’s first public park designed for the art of outdoor photography.


To promote public awareness of the needs of photographers in other parks and to assist their operators in making their parks more photogenic.


To publicly document the creation process in order to assist others in creating additional parks.

What is a Photography Park?

It’s simple — it’s whatever we make it. There isn’t a park dedicated to photography so we will literally be creating the first one. But to more directly answer the question, let’s start with the most basic of items. The best outdoor photographs are made when the light is best. Great light makes for great photography. When is the light best? Around sunrise and sunset. When are most parks open? Certainly not for sunrise. And many aren’t open for sunset. This is the first need outdoor photographers have that isn’t being met. Access at the times they need to be there.